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Fun, Fun, Fun
Washington National Parks
Animals/Endangered Species
Tropical Rainforests
Great Websites for Parents

Search Engines:
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    KidsClick                                              !

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    Bellingham Public Library                    

    Whatcom County Library System         


Go to a Zoo:
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    Woodland Park Zoo (Seattle)                                  

    National Zoo                                          

    San Diego Zoo                                       

Visit a Museum:
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    Whatcom Art Museum                           



Science Fun:
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    Cool Science


  Fun, Fun, Fun:  
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    National Geographic Kids 

    Ranger Rick Online 

US Olympic Team                                                 

    Time for Kids

    Just for Kids Who Love Books

    Sports Illustrated for Kids



Websites for our "Big 6"© Research units:

Visit Washington's National Parks:  
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    Olympic National Park

    Mt. Rainier National Park                    

    North Cascades National Park

Animals and Endangered Species:
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    World Wildlife                                      

    Endangered Species

Learn more about Tropical Rainforests:  
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    Rainforest Action Network:                  

    Enchanted Learning: Rainforests:          

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Great Websites for Parents

Children with disabilities:

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