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Ferndale School District School and Transportation Information for Inclement Weather

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School Closure & Inclement Weather Telephone Line
Ferndale School District has established a School Closure & Inclement Weather Telephone Line.
Persons may call the number to receive information about school closures and possible delays in school start times during inclement weather periods.

The number to call is (360) 383-9888.

How can I get information about school and bus schedules during bad weather conditions?
There are several ways to find out. Please do not call the Transportation Department because these phones lines need to remain open for emergencies.

Each year, the district faces the possibility of school closure or delay in starting time due to weather, road conditions or other emergencies. Student safety is of primary concern.

In the event of weather related incidents, district personnel and the superintendent survey various roads in the district early in the morning and decide whether students can safely reach school in cases of snow, ice or other event.

If it is determined that closure or a delay in start time becomes necessary, announcements will be placed on the closure/delay line, district website and Flash Alert website. In some cases, the district will also utilize the ConnectEd automatic calling system to each household. Media stations in the Pacific Northwest will be requested to make announcements beginning at 6:00 a.m.

AM Radio
550 AM
790 AM
930 AM
1170 AM
1550 AM
FM Radio
92.9 FM
104.3 FM
106.5 FM
TV Stations
CH. 12
CH. 4
CH. 5

What kind of changes to my school schedule could occur?
Emergencies can result in a variety of changes, schools generally do one of three things:

  • Close for the day
  • Open on a delayed schedule
  • Open on a regular schedule but with "snow routes" in effect.

If schools are open on a delayed schedule, when will the bus come?
Busses will follow their normal routes but the pickup time will be delayed for a specified period of time. For instance, if your student was normally picked up at 8:30 am and there was a delay of 30 minutes, the new pickup time would be 9:00 am.

What are "snow routes"?
Snow routes are bus routes that are substituted for regular routes in areas where busses have a difficult time maneuvering because of road and weather conditions. Students affected by "snow routes" need to catch their bus at the alternate stop. NOTE: it is important to know that students are dropped off at their alternate stops regardless of any change in the weather.

How will I know where to catch my bus if I live on a snow route?
Designated Snow routes are listed below. It is your responsibility to know if you live in an area affected by snow routes. Additional snow routes may be added on a case-by-case basis. Radio stations will have information on additional snow routes.

Unless you hear an announcement to the contrary, you should assume that Ferndale School District will operate on schedule.

Buses may run behind schedule when fog, ice, or snow conditions exist. Parents are urged to see that their children are adequately clothed so that waiting in cold weather will not be too uncomfortable. In the event of starting late on a given day, buses will try to maintain a corresponding schedule. If county officials close blacktop roads to district buses, it will be the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation to school.

Unless a previous notice has been given, the district will not dismiss school early except when a definite safety or health factor is involved.

Weather emergencies can sometimes disrupt telephone and electrical lines. It is always a good idea to have a battery-equipped radio as your emergency communications backup. ALSO, parents are reminded that they need to update their student's emergency forms should any changes occur.

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