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School Transfer Forms

If you wish for your child to attend a school that does not serve your home neighborhood, you may fill out a transfer request. This includes students that are already attending the school of choice, if your address has moved outside that school's boundaries.

Please see Ferndale School District Board Policy #3140 for more information on student transfers. Please can contact Tanya at the District Office (383-9200) if you have any questions. All transfer forms, in PDF format, are available for download below.

  • A financial, educational, safety or health condition affecting the student would be reasonably improved as a result of the transfer.
  • Attendance at the school in the non-resident district is more accessible to the parents' place of work or to the location of child care.
  • There is some other special hardship or detrimental condition affecting the student or the student's immediate family which would be alleviated as a result of the transfer.
  • In addition to the foregoing, any inter-district transfer must be in compliance with all other District policies, including those relating to student attendance, academic standards, and class size.
  1. Space is available in the grade level or classes at the building in which the student desires to be enrolled.
  2. Appropriate educational programs or services are available to accommodate and improve the student's condition as stated in requesting release from the District of Residence
  3. The student's attendance in the district is not likely to create a risk to the health or safety of other students or staff
  4. The District in which the student resides agrees in writing to release the student.
  5. The District to which student transfers receives credit for the student's attendance.
  6. The District to which student transfers has adequate space to accommodate the student.
  7. The student's disciplinary records do not indicate a history of violent or disruptive behavior or gang membership.
  8. The student has not been expelled or suspended from school for more than ten consecutive days.
  9. The student does not require services which casue a financial hardship for the District to which transfer is requested.
  10. The parent/guardian must sign and return a completed Application for Inter-District Transfer.
  • Annual Request: Transfer Agreements are for the maximum of one continuous school year and must be renewed before the beginning of another school year. Acceptance for each year of attendance will be based on the district's criteria above.
  • Transportation: Transportation becomes the responsibility of the parent or guardian of a transfer student. Transfer students may NOT ride the bus to or from daycare, relatives' homes, places of work, other family residences, etc.
  • Lummi S.D.: Transfers between Lummi School District and Ferndale School District will only be approved once in a school year. This means that once you transfer, you will not be approved to transfer back, in either direction. Please use the Internal Transfer Form
  • KINDERGARTEN Admission Transfers: Parents or legal guardians of approved kindergarten admission transfers will be responsible for tuition. As of March 2010 the tuition anticipated at $350.00 per month. ALSO, all students with incoming transfer requests will be put on a waiting list with a decision date no later than September 14, 2010. You enter the wait list on the date your form is received by the district office. Please see the Kindergarten Info Sheet, available at schools and the district office, for more information.
  • If Approved: If your transfer is approved, you may contact the school you are transferring to in order to proceed with registration. You will also need to contact the school you are leaving to make sure your student is officially withdrawn. If you do not officially withdraw from your current school, your student will be marked as absent for every day they do not attend, even if they are attending elsewhere.
  • If Denied: If your transfer was denied and you would like to appeal, please contact the administrator that denied the transfer.
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2011-12 Internal Request for Transfer between Ferndale Schools (includes Lummi)84.33 KB
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