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19th Annual Math Olympiad Results

The 19th Annual Ferndale School District Math Olympiad was held February 10 at Skyline Elementary School.

Superintendent Quinn addressing students and parents at the opening ceremony

Forty-five teams participating from five of the district's elementary schools (Central, Custer, Eagleridge, Mountain View, Skyline) and the district's Grade 5/6 Aiming High program competed in algebra, geometry, probability and mental math. In addition, students were acknowledged for individual achievement on a separate test.

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Team Winners:

6th Grade Team Winners

1st Skyline 6-1 (Aiming High Team)
2nd Skyline 6-2 (Aiming High Team)
3rd Custer 6-1
4th Eagleridge 6-2
5th Mt. View 6-1
6th Mt. View 6-6

1st Place 5th Gr. Team from Skyline:  Ashlyn Cearns, Danny Gibson, Emma Olson, Ally McBeath

5th Grade Team Winners
1st Skyline 5-3 (Aiming High Team)
2nd Skyline 5-2 (Aiming High Team)
3rd Tied: Skyline 5-8 & Mt. View 5-1
4th Skyline 5-1 (Aiming High Team)
5th Skyline 5-4
6th Tied: Skyline 5-5 & Eagleridge 5-3

4th Gr. 1st Place Team from Skyline:  Gwynneth Carter, Ben Hines, Trace Jeffrey, Morgan Barlean

4th Grade Team Winners
1st Skyline 4-1
2nd Skyline 4-2
3rd Skyline 4-4
4th Eagleridge 4-2
5th Skyline 4-3
6th Central 4-1

Individual Winners:

1st Place Individual Winners: 4th Gr.-Sabrina Ingersoll, 5th Gr.-Danny Gibson, 6th Gr.-Max Jeffrey

4th Grade Individual Winners
1st Sabrina Ingersoll - Skyline
2nd Trace Jeffrey - Skyline
3rd Ben Hines & Nicholas Slaughter (TIED) - Skyline 4th Gwynneth Carter & Morgan Barlean (TIED) - Skyline
5th Sean Le - Eagleridge
6th Tommy Lyons - Eagleridge, Kailee Signaw (Central) & Adrianna Rehberger - Mt. View (TIED)

5th Grade Individual Winners
1st Danny Gibson - Skyline
2nd Ashlyn Cearns - Skyline
3rd Joey Bunch - Skyline
4th Emma Olson & Nathan Pringle (TIED)- Skyline
5th Jessica Demorest & Elsa Ericksen (TIED) - Skyline
6th Courtney Kendal - Central

6th Grade Individual Winners:  Max Jeffrey (blue hat)-1st, Ellie McLaurin-tied for 2nd, Paris Mielke-7th, Riley Engels-tied for 3rd

6th Grade Individual Winners
1st Max Jeffrey - Skyline
2nd Andy Erickson & Ellie McLaurin (TIED) - Skyline
3rd Anson Levin - Custer & Riley Engels - Skyline (TIED)
4th Matthew James & Tate Freeman (TIED) - Skyline
5th Alejandro Fernandez & Payton Hansen (TIED) - Eagleridge
6th Drew Cade - Custer & Derrick Goecke - Central (TIED)

For more information:
Cheryl Frazier, Math Olympiad Coordinator, 360.383.9458
Cynthia Sicilia, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, 383.9211
Tammy Bengen, Public Information Officer, 383.9207