Seminar in Cinema

Assignment #1: ANALYSIS

The Princess Bride

Answer the following questions in your notebook.

1. CHARACTER: Define the word and then write examples from the film. (3 pts. each)

A.    Major: Who? (may be more than one)

B.     Minor: Who? (may be more than one)

C.     Protagonist: Who? (may be more than one)

D.    Antagonist: Who?(may be more than one)

E.     Round: Who? (may be more than one)

F.      Flat: Who? (may be more than one)


2. PLOT: What are the following elements of the main plot?

A.    Preceding Action (2 pts.)

B.     Rising Action (Multiple, 6 pts.)

C.     Climax (3 pts.)

D.    Falling Action (2pts.)

E.     Resolution (2 pts.)


3. SUBPLOT: Describe the plot line and characters of the subplot in two-three paragraphs. (10 pts.)


4. THEME: What are the examples in the film that deal with these thematic contexts? (3 pts. each)


B.     GOOD vs. EVIL



Adapted by Rob Slater from original ideas of Darin Detwiler